The Future of Insights

By Yasmin CrowtherVP Client Partnership, Strategic Insight & Sustainability

Reports to Drive Reputation Performance in 2019

You will make up your mind whether to read this blog in a matter of seconds. Your decision will be based on a host of competing priorities and whether you discern any immediate actionable value from the content. Will reading this help you identify, map and quantify:

  • Tipping points in opinion set to define your sector and reputation?
  • Deep dynamics driving topics already shaping debate about your business?
  • A portfolio of reputational issues, their relative significance and priority for investment?
  • The impact of corporate campaigns and how they could be enhanced?

If you are inclined to trust the only company in the world whose analysis pointed to President Trump winning the US election when everyone else failed, then yes, please read on.

Polecat delivers actionable intelligence to help the world’s largest organisations achieve reputation management success. We exist to put the world’s information at your fingertips in the most compelling, accessible and reliable ways possible – from real-time intuitive and interactive dashboards to actionable intelligence reports, delivered monthly, quarterly or at the drop of a hat.

The sky high view

From a 40,000-foot global level, we can show you that issues around climate change, resource scarcity and energy transition are as hotly and widely discussed as concerns around AI, data privacy and freedom of expression.

In terms of business performance from a similar mile up view, we can show that business ethics and integrity is the dominant concern in public digital discourse about all business sectors, closely followed by attention to public policy and how lobbying activities may support or conflict with brand and corporate values – particularly when it comes to the business of healthcare. Attention to diversity and inclusion comes third, with the tech sector having the biggest footprint in conversation.

Sector insight

From an industry specific, 20,000 foot focus we can show you how concerns about increased migration over summer months link to concerns about reintroduction or transfer of diseases and direct links made to healthcare firms and medical solutions. We can show you how concerns about community health over summer months, particularly in the form of air pollution and respiratory disease, are being directly related to key energy and automotive firms and their approach to innovation and investment in clean technologies.

Up close & personal

From a close-up market and company specific view, we can show you which topics and stakeholders are shaping debate about your brand and your peers, and help you locate hotspots of public discourse. We can show you which value drivers and topics are working well for your reputation and those that have drag and need attention… and we can quantify and calibrate those results.

This graph lets you understand how you compare to your competitors on key industry topics.

To learn more about how Polecat Reports can deliver actionable insights that you can’t ignore, please click here. Learn more about:

  • Horizon Scanning – Analysis of critical topics and trends defining your reputation and your peers’, delivered monthly or quarterly. Essential to appraise stakeholders and shifting topics.
  • Topic Deep Dive – Forensic analysis of dynamics shaping a particular issue for your business and sector. Essential to inform issue management, investment and engagement.
  • Campaign Impact – Review of corporate initiatives to assess impact on perceptions and reputation. Fundamental to appraising Roi and delivering continuous improvement.
  • Watch Topic Insight - Assess and track priority reputation concerns to understand relative importance, dynamics and stakeholders. Essential for planning, investment and action.

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