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About Polecat

Polecat empowers business resilience by delivering intelligence, reputation, and sustainability data – in context.  

Today, customers, employees and investors are more driven to engage with purpose-driven companies that are taking action to overcome economic, social and environmental challenges.  

Polecat’s responsible business intelligence™ platform offers unparalleled access to reputational and ESG insight. Contextualising data from across the internet and social media, Polecat enables global companies to expertly manage reputational risk and create ESG strategies that build competitive advantage.

Our methodology for ESG Clarified

Leveraging market-leading algorithms and an unparalleled diversity and volume of data sources, Polecat’s AI powered platform is leading the way in reputation and sustainability analysis. We provide thoroughly researched data to give you and your team transparency over the ESG footprint and what’s influencing the landscape.

Structured ESG data

We provide a structured hierarchy of topics, called taxonomies, which effectively capture the breadth of the ESG conversation across markets and key stakeholders. In addition, we offer further pre-curated taxonomies that analyse thousands upon thousands of keywords to offer insight against your strategic objectives, expanding beyond ESG, to home in on topics relevant to your sector and your markets of interest.

Intuitive data integration

This data is embedded into the ESG Clarified solution and can be viewed as a breakdown of environment, social, or governance analysis. Users don’t need to prepare data or set up complex dashboards.

Comprehensive impact intelligence

Polecat also measures the overall nature and quality of the impact made by various activities, so you can benchmark and understand what’s most important. For example, articles that include references to a company are scored against your chosen ESG topics to effectively measure the relevance of the impact.

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