Expand your reputation horizon

RepVault is a better way to measure your influence and monitor influencers. Powered by future-facing technology and our expertise in corporate reputation management, it drives executive-level decision making. Leap ahead with next-generation intelligence.

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Take Control of your Reputation Eco-system

Board level confidence - Attention-grabbing reputation insights and razor-sharp strategic briefings.
Competitive advantage - Stay several steps ahead with insights that unlock the opportunities your competitors miss.
Strategic focus - All the reputational data you need in one place. Sharpen your ability to meet crucial objectives whilst scanning the horizon for emerging trends and opportunities.
Enterprising leadership - Deliver consultancy-level insights that inspires and connects the value of reputation across the organisation.
  1. Deploy advanced AI

    Our big data algorithms distil over a decade of reputation management expertise to intelligently weight key topics of interest, as well as score and geotag up to 30 million global media and social posts every day.
  2. Trust in true reputation management KPIs

    Utilise metrics and insights that allow you to confidently and consistently report on key indicators of corporate reputation performance - across events, campaigns, stakeholders, competitors and industry.
  1. Distinguish Impact from volume

    Impact provides focus on the prominent conversations shaping your company’s reputation, and ensures your strategic decisions are based on reliable and engaging data insights, not just the loudest media noise.
  2. Emerging trend detection

    Proactively define and monitor the highest impacting corporate topics and potential emerging issues and reputational risks so you can determine the severity and likely impact they will have on your organisation and industry
  1. Acquire competitive intelligence

    Benchmark against your closest competitors to understand where they exist in the discussion around key corporate topics. Get forensic and discover which markets, geographies, languages and stakeholders are impacting their reputation compared to your own.
  2. Understand your external stakeholder landscape

    Polecat monitors your external stakeholder landscape to deliver intelligence on which relevant entities/players are driving the conversations around issues or topics within your industry.

Take Control of your Reputation Eco-system

Profile Pages

See immediate actionable intelligence on your organisation's primary reputation drivers, key stakeholders, and the sentiment of the key conversations taking place about you. Easily compare this against competitors and get the real picture on your reputation performance against the industry at large and your peers.

Reputation Dashboards

Review in-depth analytics on the conversations, topics and trends that impact your reputation across multiple channels, including competitors and their CEOs.

Polecat Reputation Taxonomies

Our baseline data is derived from over 8 million sources and is categorised using advanced NLP algorithms into the most popular industry reputation drivers. Influenced by linguists, data scientists and reputation professionals in some of the world’s largest companies.


Compare the nuances of diverse cultures and different markets with advanced geo-tagging capabilities and delivery of detailed reputation data by region and language.

Influencers and stakeholders

Track the reputational impact of the key organisations and stakeholders who matter to your market. Whether they are politicians, trade bodies, journalists or NGOs - to understand how their influence affects your reputation.


Polecat offers board-ready reports that deliver tangible reputation KPIs and critical insights across key corporate topics, competitors, CEOs and industries. Use our expertise to help deliver impactful reports that hone in on what actions you should be taking in today's business environment.