The most comprehensive platform to analyse stakeholders alongside key energy transition, risk and ESG themes available through Shell EIS

Polecat’s platform delivers instant monitoring, actionable insights and timely alerts across the broadest set of stakeholder data. Available to all Shell employees under Polecat's enterprise license. Monitor key themes in the energy transition across markets, benchmark against industry peers and discover the stakeholder landscape across thousands of Governments, Regulators, NGO's, International Organizations, Think Tanks and Academics.

Real-time stakeholder intelligence

The transition to a lower-carbon energy system continues and accelerates, and the coming decades will see a rapidly changing energy landscape. Polecat data provides insights to both measure and navigate short-term events and issues alongside assessing strategic initiatives and identify longer-term trends that will continue to be essential in shaping a sustainable business and maintaining Shell's license to trade.

Polecat's products and team work in partnership with Shell to deliver best in class intelligence solutions including:

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What you get:A real time platform focused on global stakeholder intelligence tracking global companies and stakeholders across key corporate and energy themesKey coverage and content across industries & stakeholders delivered direct to inboxesSearch across Polecat's data for emerging themes and assess media sources, online influencers and assess sentimentIntegrate real time data from the broadest set of global data sources into Shell's own digital tools and business intelligence
Why it matters:Anticipate, track and manage emerging issues, trends and opportunities across ESG, Risk and Energy Transition themes across 12 months of dataKeep internal stakeholders informed of key media coverage across assets, projects and stakeholdersGet a real time read on issues and opportunity areas as they happenSave time and resource on consolidating media monitoring with social media listening and enrich internal data.

Access real time intelligence across the energy industry, global companies and stakeholders

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Receive news briefings curated to the stories that matter

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Options for bespoke intelligence available

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