About Polecat

Who We Are

Polecat is a leading technology company that equips the world’s largest companies with the tools to manage, influence and optimise their corporate reputation.

Polecat is a leader in reputation intelligence, going beyond risk-management to deliver the industry, competitor and influencer insight that organisations need to make better decisions and ensure they are in control of their future.

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What We Do

We elevate Corporate Reputation performance with robust real-time data and actionable intelligence.
We know that opportunity is everywhere, and so are we, scanning the horizon and the millions of conversations happening at any one time.
We harness market-leading algorithms and human expertise to give you 360° visibility on everything influencing your customers, competitors and investors.
Our customisable dashboards and board-ready reports are geared for strategic decision making. Clearly highlighting industry spanning trends to company level insights, they combine top-level clarity with drill-down precision.

Our History


The explosion of social media and the rise of Big Data presented Polecat with the opportunity to develop real-time tools, for the world’s largest companies, to manage, measure and optimise the value of Reputation to positively influence Market Capitalisation and Share Price.


Polecat first proved the power of the Polecat Artificial Intelligence Platform (backed by British Government, Oracle, Microsoft, HSBC, Silicon Valley Bank & Orrick) by identifying the fastest growing webtech, cleantech and healthtech startups in the UK and matching them with investors in Silicon Valley. The companies involved raised over $50m in investment over 3 years.


Polecat’s first Artificial Intelligence Platform is complete. Larry Ellison (CEO, Oracle Corp) awards Polecat “Best Emerging Technology Company” of the year.


MeaningMine launched. Powerful unstructured Data Analytics at your fingertips. Real-time analytics and media monitoring to deliver evidence- based insights to solve some of the biggest Reputational challenges faced by organisations.

Our People

Lindsay Scott

Chief Product Officer

Lindsay is the Chief Product Officer. Her unrelenting focus is on the generation of transformative business insight. She puts the needs of the customer at the heart of everything Polecat does. She integrates our leading-edge reputational intelligence and human expertise, to deliver the immediate and long-term strategic insight that customers really want and need. Prior to joining Polecat, Lindsay was the customer science lead for a global retail consultancy, using data to unlock opportunities for new product creation.

Alex Francis

Vice President of Engineering

Alex leads Polecat's Engineering group to combine the latest and best technology into coherent, useable products that help our customers better understand their reputation. As an engineer at heart, he loves the challenge of applying cutting-edge, natural language processing and machine learning to interpret large-scale data, derive meaningful intelligence and communicate the information to customers in a way that resonates and can really make a difference. Before Polecat, Alex worked with the data engineering team at IMDb (Amazon), looking after the extremely valuable user-contributed data and connecting customers to their contributions.

Ivan Flos

Director of Customer Success

Ivan works with some of Polecat’s largest corporate customers. His specialist focus is on large-scale and innovative projects. He is a consummate consultant and strategist, committed to ensuring that Polecat’s most ambitious customers get the most out of its analytical processes and capabilities. Prior to joining Polecat, Ivan worked as a Consultant and Project Manager for Control Risks, a London based risk intelligence firm.

Eric Loewe

Chief Analyst and Vice President for Customer Support

Eric leads Polecat’s global Shared Services Team, who are accountable for configuring and supporting products to deliver enterprise class reputation intelligence. Eric has spent more than a decade delivering analytics solutions to many of the world’s largest organizations, ranging from financial services, healthcare, energy, media and telecom to industrial groups. Prior to joining Polecat, Eric held senior roles in progressive data-driven consultancies and startups; providing analytical solutions to improve productivity and leveraging data to de-risk enterprise decisions for its clients.

Thomas Volk


Thomas is Chairman of the Board. He understands that in the world of information overflow, executives in all companies struggle to identify the business risk and positive impact of reputation. He is committed to Polecat’s delivery of actionable reputational intelligence as a resource to help executives in businesses excel in commercial leadership. Thomas has been a CEO and board director of leading global companies and provides a unique and seasoned perspective on reputation for senior executives and board-level influencers

James Lawn

Co-Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

As a CEO, having the right intelligence to do business is mission critical to James. As a partner to the world’s largest companies, providing them with the most business critical intelligence every day, is what inspires him. Prior to Polecat, James served in the Royal Air Force, then made his move to the private sector where he was Head of Innovation at Microsoft, building the UK’s reputation as a hotbed for innovative tech, and at the same time, building Microsoft shareholder value. Since starting Polecat, James has ensured that his company was the first in the industry to truly map the performance of Social Capital to the fluctuations of global business share price. For James, you don’t build a reputation on what you are going to do, but on what you do.

Bronwyn Kunhardt

Co-Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

As CEO, Bronwyn puts her passion for reputation, as a critical part of what makes a business successful, into practice. She is passionate about Polecat products, Polecat customers, Polecat people, and the growth of the reputation industry to provide powerful insights on leadership, ethics, product safety and quality, and innovation. Prior to Polecat Bronwyn was Head of Reputation at MSN and then Director of Citizenship and Diversity at Microsoft where she focussed on technical, policy and communications strategies to improve the societal impact of Microsoft in the UK.

Yasmin Crowther

Chief Insight Officer

Yasmin has spent her whole career working to understand how different cultures and diverse stakeholders engage and how to anticipate conflictual and controversial issues to create opportunities for connection and to build trust. She is widely published, with much of her work devoted to the role of business in society and on how technological advances are impacting the world in which we live. Yasmin has held leadership roles specializing in CSR, sustainability and corporate reputation at SustainAbility, Ketchum, URS/Dames and Moore, and Royal Dutch Shell. She has worked with Polecat since its founding in 2007.

Rob Straw

Finance Director

Alice Leaman-Brown

Product Director

Chris Bowdon

Acting CTO

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