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Polecat is a technology company helping the world’s largest organisations achieve reputation management success.

Through a combination of advanced data analytics and human expertise, we deliver the reputation intelligence you need to make the most effective decisions.

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We are Polecat

We aim to advance the goals of corporate reputation professionals, influencers and contributors to the company board. Overcome reputation risk and optimise management strategies with real-time visibility on the most important industry issues, stakeholders, geographies and markets. Invest in our technology and intelligence to future-proof your reputation.

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Leap ahead with next level intelligence

  • Deploy advanced AI Our Big Data algorithms distil over a decade of reputation management expertise to intelligently weight topics as well as score and geotag up to 30 million global media and social posts every day.
  • Distinguish impact from volume Identify the most authoritative conversations influencing your business, not just the loudest media noise.
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The value of business compliance

The value of business compliance

October 29, 2018

Business compliance is an essential part of my day-to-day job as Polecat’s Corporate Secretary. It means upholding the values and integrity of the company, achieving more open and rigorous procedures across the whole of the business, and…
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