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We provide the key to an unparalleled pool of stakeholder, risk and ESG data.

With our API, you get instant access to up-to-date data for your own use case. No onboarding necessary, just unlimited insights at your fingertips.

Documents scanned

Billions of documents scanned and stored

real time data

Millions of datapoints added every day

Instant access

Instant access to real-time data


Quick set up with plenty of opportunities to customise

Use Polecat data your way

API Interface

Our API is built to provide the value you need, in the way you want. You can integrate datasets that suit your use case and unlock insights with the right context.

Build powerful analysis tools

Add your own lens to global media coverage. With Polecat’s risk and ESG data, you can develop a unique platform that meets your or your customers’ needs for informed decision-making. We can add and customise datasets to give you the information that matters to you.

Add greater context to your insights

Integrate Polecat data into existing systemsto add external context to your business data. You can augment insights with public perception, market trends, competitor and peer performance, stakeholder sentiment and more.

Data integration with Polecat

The data process

We scan news and social media sources across the internet to collect data that matters. More importantly, we aggregate this data to derive insights. It’s grouped over time by topic, company, and other themes, to deliver you the most relevant intelligence.

Impact scores cut through the noise

Not every mention is equal, so we help you pinpoint the ones that matter. Every source we use is validated and every company mention is scored based on its overall impact. Based on this, Polecat delivers the most influential and highest quality results.

Unmatched scale and context

Polecat has billions of documents stored and scans millions of new documents daily. Having both a historical and real-time view gives you greater context for trend analysis and forecasting.

Global, diverse, and unbiased sources

Polecat sheds a light on external perspectives. Not limited to corporate material, you get unbiased insights from social media, company websites, and news publications.

Some of the data providers we work with

Custom and growing datasets

It’s easy to add sources. We have a standard collection that is updated daily, but you can quickly add niche industry sources, paywalled materials, or premium sources based on your needs.

Access to proprietary algorithms 

No scanning, searching or processing required. You don’t need to build anything yourself. Our team has done this all for you. Simplyask your questions and get the most relevant answers, immediately.

Detailed insights are just a click away

No need to sift through every article to find insights. You can quickly view summary scores, or drill down to the source material behind every result to understand what events, topics or mentions are driving them.

The details behind the data


Your data will be backed by industry best practice cybersecurity

API Keys

API keys are used to authenticate applications and users 


No PII data is stored in our databases

Tech stack tools

Our tech stack includes leading tools and custom applications

Trusted data

The data collection is always being developed, evolved and added to

Powered by AI +IQ

Polecat’s algorithms are powered by state-of-the-art AI and enhanced by subject matter experts with decades of experience. Our repositories and unique data collection methodologies were sparked by human insight gained from diverse sector experience.

Using a combination of AI and ML algorithms, data processing and data science, we continually expand our datasets and discover new insights.

Discover exactly how we collect, process and enrich data to deliver you the best intelligence possible.

Discover some of the ways you can integrate Polecat data to build exceptional stakeholder, risk, reputation and ESG intelligence products.

Reputational Risk Management

Reputation Risk Insurance

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