Beazley’s Reputational Risk Insurance Solution: Enhanced by Polecat

Reputational Risk

At a time of unprecedented social, political, economic and environmental change, corporate risks have become unpredictable and are increasing exponentially. Reputation is one of the hardest areas of corporate risk to manage and is an asset that companies cannot afford to lose as the financial impact can be catastrophic.

The acceleration and amplification of news through the media demands an urgent and coordinated response as reputational damage is inflicted faster and deeper than ever before. Executives and boards need real-time intelligence to identify reputational threats, protection against financial loss and crisis mitigation.

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Reputation in Numbers

Infographic stating: 80% of the total value of the average company is comprised of intangible assets such as intellectual property, trademarks and reputation
Infographic stating: 80% increase in scrutiny on business conduct seen by global companies since 2016, with activist protest targeted at business more than doubling over the period
Infographic stating: 90% of companies report having inadequate data to manage reputation

Who is Beazley Reputational Risk for?

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Organizations that have a strong, identifiable and public-facing brand; those that may have a managed, engaged social media presence.

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Organizations that have annual revenue of up to USD 6bn – those of a larger size can be considered depending on cover requirements.

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Available for all sized businesses, specifically medium sized, public facing companies operating in competitive environments in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

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Industry examples: healthcare, education, leisure & hospitality, manufacturing, media, retail, transportation and technology.

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George Beattie

Head of Incubation Underwriting at Beazley

“Rising public anger, intolerance and lower trust in authority are contributing to a more volatile reputational environment. The exposure of the public to manipulative social media content compounds the difficulty business leaders have in meeting their fiduciary responsibility to minimise balance sheet risk and to maintain stakeholder value. This solution helps companies in two key ways. Firstly, it provides executives with reputational insights at a time when many companies are the target of stakeholder action relating to perceived failures to act on emerging risks. Secondly, it helps companies to mitigate the risk to profitability posed by reputational crises by paying for loss of profit and providing immediate access to crisis consultancy services.”

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Portrait of James Lawn

James Lawn

Co-CEO, Polecat Intelligence

“Global companies and their executives are experiencing significantly more scrutiny over their conduct and risk management through both social media and growing social activism. Organisations that seek to actively manage their reputations and ESG profiles by harnessing data and market intelligence are more strongly positioned to anticipate and manage emerging threats. Access to the Polecat platform gives Beazley Reputational Risk policyholders more control over managing and appraising their corporate reputations, benchmarking objectively against their peers, and understanding the material implications of what their stakeholders are saying.”

Portrait of Trevor Maynard

Trevor Maynard

Lloyd’s Head of Innovation

"Reputational risk is a fast evolving issue, and a growing priority for many businesses around the world. We launched the Lloyd’s Product Innovation Facility to support new, innovative and brave products such as this reputational risk policy and I’m thrilled to see such fantastic risk sharing collaboration in our market. By forming partnerships with our peers and Polecat, we’re able to use a blend of AI, benchmarking and industry intelligence to proactively support our customers in protecting their reputation.”

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