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Polecat tracks global discourse around thousands of topics, analysing their impacts on businesses and markets. We identified the first mentions of the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan in December 2019, and have been actively tracking the issue for numerous organisations to highlight the implications it is having on different countries of operation as well as those enterprises being affected. This post updates our original blog of last week.

Polecat Geopolitical Intelligence


  1. Last week, China and Iran dominated online media discourse about coronavirus.
  2. In the last two days, we have seen this focus move to Italy as the country shuts down in efforts to contain the disease.
  3. Media sentiment towards China remains comparatively positive for its assertive containment of the virus.
  4. Iran continues to receive more critical coverage regarding its potential understatement of cases
  5. USA is increasingly visible in discourse with questions on the quality of the Trump administration’s response.
  6. Airlines, travel sector and industries with extensive supply chains continue to be the most impacted.

Polecat can provide real time intelligence and analytics on Coronavirus as well as hourly briefs on what is happening in your country and your sector as the situation unfolds.

To appraise the evolving discourse about Coronavirus more closely and understand how it is currently impacting, or how it might potentially impact your business, competitors and wider industry, please contact us for more information.