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At Polecat we are delighted to have partnered with InfoDesk to bring you this review on the importance of media monitoring in the time of COVID-19 and into the future.

COVID-19 has dominated… everything… over the last 3 months. At the risk of reusing a tired comparison; it has been suggested that this has been the single most impactful event, globally, since World War 2. The crisis has thrown a particular spotlight on the life science industry. From a wider interest in supply chain shortages, to research and development, to clinical trials, and everything in between. The public is paying closer attention to the industry as a whole.

The enforcement of social distancing worldwide has changed the way in which healthcare professionals are seeking information from the public. COVID-19 conversations on social media alone have increased 1,000% among healthcare professionals and 2,500% among consumers from January 1 to March 19 2020. The virus has been the primary topic of conversation, dominating around 83% of online reputation discussions for the top 20 global healthcare companies.

In the article, InfoDesk and Polecat discuss three key ways that the life science industry can look to harness the value of media monitoring during this crisis and beyond.

“We are thrilled to partner with InfoDesk. Combining our next generation digital reputation insights and monitoring capabilities with InfoDesk’s ability to augment human experts with the latest in AI technology, ensures we can provide our clients real-time analysis and evaluation of a company’s performance in this time of uncertainty and beyond.”

Paul Orovan, Head of Sales at Polecat.

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