Our Approach

At Polecat, we believe that intelligent reputation management fuels better decision making and is a key influence on effective corporate leadership. We strive to follow a set of principles that allow our customers to not just react to what people are saying, but to lead and shape the narrative.
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Enable the Reputational professional with technology they have not previously had access to

Supporting the corporate decision-maker with strategic and operational needs

Prepare, plan and execute a strategy

Report to the board with confidence and intelligence

Gain a competitive advantage

Illustrate success and understand the future

Managing Corporate Reputation

Our Principles

Our People

Put the smartest people at the heart of everything we do. Combine heavyweight corporate reputation professionals with the brightest minds in social media, digital media, media monitoring, market research, primary research and agency consulting.


Powerfully connect to the coming-context, zooming in and out to scope industry-wide topics, competitor activity and socio-political trends. Deliver dynamic perspective that enables rapid short-term decision making and long-term strategic foresight.

Our Customers

Work with customers to out think and outpace their competition. Never stop evolving, stay curious and attuned to reputation, which is complex, dynamic and ever-changing.

Optimism & Success

Have a positive and optimistic view of the world, believe in success and put everything into the pursuit of it.


Work with ambitious customers to deliver the board level intelligence that commands attention and drives better decision making.