Expand your reputation horizon: showcase expertise in corporate reputation management to drive executive-level decision making.
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Strategic focus

All the reputational insight you need in one place.

Board level confidence

Data & metrics you can trust.

Data & metrics you can trust

Demonstrate the value of reputation across the organisation.

Your reputation profile

Delve into your reputation drivers or global issues to understand their contribution to your corporate reputation.
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Reputation drivers

Break down your reputation into key reputation drivers & sub-topics to see what’s really driving your reputation

Stakeholder presence

Understand where a stakeholder organisation weighs-in on conversation and the influence they bring

Impact by geography

Identify geographic differences in media coverage and the relevance of locations mentioned

Industry benchmarking

Monitor your competitors individually or as an industry set to see how their reputation strategy compares to yours.
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Peer portfolios

Group your competitors & peers to compare trends in activity and measure share of voice

Sentiment analysis

Interpret the sentiment of the author to gauge the public perception of your activity

Top Topics

Look across drivers to see which topics are most prominent, driving the most reputation impact


Analyse how your reputation is changing over time. Spot topics as they emerge and monitor the ones that are diminishing.
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High-level trends

Look back over months of activity to review how factors contributing to your reputation make-up have changed

Emerging & diminishing topics

Identify topics as they emerge to make conscious decisions on whether to engage in the conversation

Share, connect, influence

Executive News Briefings

Define your own email alerts to deliver relevant news stories, keeping everyone informed & engaged in managing your reputation.

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Share quick insights that highlight your reputation performance. Add your own narrative to bring to life the events and activity that’s driving the media coverage.

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Where is your reputational risk?

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