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Over half of organisations consider reputation a top 5 risk - WTW survey 2023

The digital media cycle means reputation damage is an ever-present and always evolving threat.

Organisations need to have proactive strategies to defend against corporate risk and establish reputational resilience.

RepVault is the comprehensive solution to this challenge.

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Real-time risks

Quantify risk in real-time

Mitigate the potential impacts of reputational damage with intelligence on demand.

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Board level confidence

Engage the entire organisation with executive reports, dashboards, and topic alerts.

See the data

Trust in transparent data

All the reputational insights you need in one place, with the source material just a click away.

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Reputation management tools powered by context

Delve into your reputation drivers or global issues to understand their contribution to your corporate reputation.

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Break down your reputation into key reputation drivers & sub-topics to see what’s really driving your reputation
A chart displaying the breakdown of a company's impact score by reputational drivers

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Benchmark your performance

Monitor your competitors individually or as an industry set to see how their reputation strategy compares to yours.

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Group your competitors & peers to compare trends in activity and measure share of voice
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Monitor trends and drivers

Analyse how your reputation is changing over time. Spot topics as they emerge and monitor the ones that are diminishing.

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Look back over months of activity to review how factors contributing to your reputation make-up have changed
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Send insights to the right people

Share insights quickly and easily to engage your peers. Keep them informed on the latest relevant news stories with configurable news alerts.

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Define your own email alerts to deliver relevant news stories, keeping everyone informed & engaged in managing your reputation.
RepVault ENB

Unparalleled ESG intelligence

Spotting risks

ESG risk reporting

ESG is a growing driver of reputational risk and a central focus for business and financial management strategies. RepVault enables you to see the reputational impact of business-critical ESG themes so you can address risks proactively.

  • Measure public perception and evidence ESG credentials
  • Understand the ESG trends that matter to your stakeholders
  • Understand the financial costs of ESG issues
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Dynamic materiality

Dynamic materiality

React to new intelligence as dynamically as the market.

In a dynamic world, organisations can’t afford to be left in the dark about new trends. RepVault shows you how trends are changing in real time and what new topics are dominating conversations, before you even ask the question.

  • Perform dynamic materiality assessments
  • See how trends have changed over time
  • Predict how trends will affect the industry and your business
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Double materiality matrix

Double materiality

Understand material impact from the many perspectives that matter.

Rapidly visualise and appraise the relative ranking of topics from the outside-in and the inside-out – helping alleviate your reporting burden. See results in the context of different stakeholder priorities around the world.

  • Hone results to reflect your expertise
  • Get transparent and auditable data
  • Leverage topics proven against CSRD criteria

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