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The Good, the Bad and the Truth:

The Good, the Bad and the Truth:

4 Steps to better reputation management through technology.

Society’s expectations of your business are changing… fast. Recent events have signalled the beginnings of a monumental shift in the way some businesses see their position in society, with an increasing number of CEOs being drawn into socially and politically contentious public debates. A society that embraces the moral imperative of social progress is hungry for evidence that commercial organisations are prepared to act on issues with wider scope than their own business interests. People before profits. The necessity for businesses to engage in ever more wide-ranging issues is growing, but involvement in these antagonistic issues can be…
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Reputation Professionals

Who are they and What do they want?

To better understand our customers, we recently interviewed fifteen corporate-reputation professionals about who they are, what they do, and the tools they use. This report summarises what we discovered.

Reputation: slow to build, quick to lose

Our FS team are used to working with data. But when Polecat asked cxpartners to help them better understand the unmet reputation management needs of their current and future customers, the nature of that data became even more fluid transient and multi-source than usual. Polecat wanted help developing a customer-centred product roadmap that could be prioritised according to customer demand, business value and technical feasibility. Their clients are largely focused on managing the opinions of influencers – such as investors and the City – who's views can impact the immediate and long-term reputation, and therefore value of a company.
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