ESG data for global business

Polecat’s ESG intelligence touches all aspects of business - from climate change to human rights, and from product to supply chain. Enjoy real-time data on your business performance and stakeholder landscape. 

Proactive ESG intelligence

In an increasingly volatile world, you can use Polecat to anticipate and track risks and opportunities for business, global and local– from geopolitical uncertainties to competitor benchmarking, stakeholder insight, materiality and trends analysis.

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Why ESG data is a strategic necessity

Today, leading businesses know that ESG must be a key part of their business decisions and strategies for future success. However, it’s a fast-moving landscape, where stakeholder and investor attention and activism can evolve rapidly. In this environment, it can be hard to keep track of the plethora of regulatory initiatives and frameworks present around the world.

Polecat provides a lens focused on this landscape. We help our clients harness the impact and velocity of ESG data to understand trends, unlock opportunity and manage risk.

Our ESG solutions

Polecat provides accurate and unbiased data and insight on ESG themes to enable teams to measure performance and make confident decisions on material topics.

  • ESG data in the cloud

    ESG data API

    Our API enables you to bring Polecat’s ESG data into your own internal intelligence tools. This enables your teams to enhance other data sources with our real-time results on diverse companies, topics, stakeholders, languages, geographies and markets.

    • ESG dashboard

      ESG Intelligence Platform

      Polecat’s unique platform enables customers to view specific ESG data about their business in real time through a variety of ready-to-go visualisations – from top headlines to stakeholder presence, geographic coverage, benchmarking and trends.

      • ESG expertise


        Polecat's ESG Experts work to ensure our platform and capabilities are fully leveraged to provide clear and actionable insights on prominent and emerging ESG themes.

        How Polecat’s ESG data supports strategic decision-making

        Through a combination of advanced analytics and human expertise we deliver ESG intelligence for corporate professionals driving sustainability, ESG and citizenship goals. The platform can be used to:

        • Monitor and manage your ESG profile
        • Benchmark performance against peers
        • Identify emerging ESG themes, risks and opportunities
        • Monitor stakeholders including NGOs, investors, regulators, governments, think tanks, consumer groups, academia, industry associations and professional bodies
        • Assess the impact of proactive communications
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        See how ESG data can strengthen your business resilience

        Give your ESG teams a more robust and real-time tool to help monitor, measure and mitigate ESG impact on your business.

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        Explore how you, like other leading companies, can integrate more contextualised ESG data into your SaaS offering via an API.

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        ESG Consultancy Services

        Our consultants use ESG advanced analytics and human expertise to deliver actionable intelligence for corporate professionals and business leaders.

        We understand that corporate teams are busier than ever with demands for speed to insight based on robust, unbiased data. We deliver consultancy via workshops, reports, presentations, executive briefings, snapshot insights, news summaries, media monitoring and more. 

        Whatever you need, when it matters.

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