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Our partners: for diverse business challenges

Here are just a few examples of business challenges where Polecat can add value through unparalleled intelligence in context.

Reputation is one of the hardest areas of corporate risk to manage and is an asset that companies cannot afford to lose. The financial impact can be catastrophic.

We partnered with Beazley to enhance their reputational risk insurance solution, so their customers could mitigate this impact.

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We developed an innovative risk management tool with WTW, incorporating our cutting-edge technology to drive proactive and responsive reputation insurance.

Also working with Liberty Specialty Markets, a leading global insurance company with an exceptional financial rating, we are helping clients to comprehensively understand and mitigate the potential costs of reputational risk.

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Hear from our partners:

George Beattie

Head of Incubation Underwriting at Beazley (former)

“This solution helps companies in two key ways. Firstly, it provides executives with reputational insights at a time when many companies are the target of stakeholder action relating to perceived failures to act on emerging risks. Secondly, it helps companies to mitigate the risk to profitability posed by reputational crises by paying for loss of profit and providing immediate access to crisis consultancy services.”

Trevor Maynard

Lloyd’s Head of Innovation

"We launched the Lloyd’s Product Innovation Facility to support new, innovative and brave products such as this reputational risk policy and I’m thrilled to see such fantastic risk sharing collaboration in our market. By forming partnerships with our peers and Polecat, we’re able to use a blend of AI, benchmarking and industry intelligence to proactively support our customers in protecting their reputation.”

Garret Gaughan

Head of Global Markets P&C Hub, Willis Towers Watson 

“As part of the paradigm shiftrequired to ensure the continued value and relevance of the insurance industry to customers in the shadow of a wave of emerging risks, Polecat’s technology may prove to be revolutionary for company risk, public relations and executive functions’ understanding of the reputational data ecosystem and their place in the public’s eyes.”

Lewis Edwards

Head of Underwriting, Specialty Binders, Liberty Specialty Markets

“This new product is one of the few that provides coverage for the loss of an organisation’s gross profit following such an event- providing financial protection and also giving clients the tools they need to protect their reputation. The ability to act quickly and transparently can have a hugely positive impact on a crisis outcome.”