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Build resilience for your business with intelligence in context. Polecat allows enterprises to navigate their unique market landscapes confidently with unmatched corporate intelligence.

Drawing from validated media sources, Polecat draws a multifaceted pool of corporate intelligence. This varies from ESG drivers affecting your financial growth, to stakeholder sentiment about your latest PR campaign, to analysis of your customers’ risks.

There’s a world of data, ready for every situation.

Solve challenges - Create opportunities - Enhance offerings

Stay competitive with data designed for your objectives


Stakeholder sentiment


Industry trends and topics

public impact

Public impact

Events detected

Event drivers and triggers

Board-ready reports

Board-level reporting

Competitor benchmarking

Competitor benchmarking

Insurance and risk intelligence

Access comprehensive risk intelligence from external media sources to inform analysis, mitigation and customer services.

Risk use case

ESG data

Ensure ESG is a key factor in decision making with real-time data on ESG trends, opportunities and risks.

ESG use case

Sustainability data

Focus your lens on the impact of the global sustainability and stakeholder landscape on your business.

Sustainability use case

Discover a world of possibilities with Polecat data

  • API

    Tackle bespoke challenges with an API

    Our API is a perfect solution for companies with specific requirements. You can access Polecat data in a more flexible way, integrating into existing systems or building your own. You’re limited only by your imagination.

    • Consultancy

      Answer your most pressing questions with consultancy

      Use your intelligence to its fullest extent with curated datasets, capabilities and keywords. Our team combines AI and human intelligence to produce enhanced insights. Together, we can dive even deeper.

      • Explore insights

        Explore insight for your industry or peers

        Enrich your insights with the context offered by your selected peers or standard industry group. Benchmark your engagement on topics and explore whitespace with our interactive insights. Access unparalleled contextual data

        Get more powerful insights, in context

        Explore a uniquely diverse and vast pool of corporate intelligence, designed for your business, today.